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Grab your competitive edge…

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MountainmanInternationally renowned, award winning artist, Mike ‘Mountainman’ Lamborne’s work has received countless honors and awards. Thousands of ‘mobile art masterpieces’ such as motorcycles, trikes and trailers carry his show winning creations around the globe taking top prizes for ‘Best of Class’, ‘Best of Show’ and ‘People’s Choice’ – just to name a few.

One motorcycle Mike airbrushed with flags and eagles, won first place for ‘Best Use of Color’ in the DuPont Paint Top Gun Contest, a world wide event with hundreds of entries. The Mack Brush Company acknowledges Mountainman’s artistic talent by hanging one of his pinstriped and muraled panels in the MACK Brush Pinstripers Hall of Fame.

Mountainman’s work spans the globe from prominent offices in our nations capitol to high ranking military and government officials, such as General Norman Schwarzkopf, former Secretary of State Richard Chaney, Senator Warner, Oliver North, POW’s of Desert Storm and former US President George Bush, to the former Nicaraguan Presidential Palace, to the office of Tony Dungy, former Indianapolis Colts NFL Football Coach.

Mike ‘Mountainman’ specializes in:

Shirley and Mike

  • Spectacular Award Winning Fine Line Pinstriping
  • Exceptional ‘Graphics’ Art and Striping
  • Stunningly ‘life like’, show winning airbrushed and hand painted Murals
  • Remarkably Detailed Fine art
  • Breathtaking Wall Murals
  • Magnificent, One of a kind Customized Greeting Cards
  • Unique Personal Gifts and keepsakes

We paint on:

  • helmets, bikes, trailers, trikes and leather, etc.
  • cars, pickups, dump trucks and tractor trailers, RV’s, buses, etc.
  • Canvas, saw blades, Old milk cans, roofing slate, etc.


Spectacular Award Winning ‘Fine Line’ Pinstriping

Say goodbye to plain and dress up your bike in style with Moutainman’s unique and classy fine line pinstriping.

Enhance your mobile art masterpiece with a touch of class, style and elegance that turns heads everywhere you go!


Exceptional ‘Graphics’ Art and Striping

Add personal flair, dimension and pizzazz to your ‘mobile art masterpiece’ with fabulous ‘graphics’ art and striping.

If you’d like to make a little bolder statement with your special bike, truck or RV, let Mountainman add marbled, gold or variegated leaf graphics, pinstriped flames, barbed wire, or whatever your imagination can envision.

Mike can also airbrush lightning bolts, water droplets, a ‘rip’ or ‘tear’ affect, airbrushed flames and Realistic Fire in his shop.


Stunningly ‘life like’, show winning Murals

Let your personality run wild with Mountainman’s stunningly life like, show winning murals.

Clients are continually astonished by Mountainman’s level of detail and realism in his breath taking murals. Consistently, we hear how much people are touched by the way Mike visibly puts his heart into his work.

Which technique is right for your project?

  • Airbrush Murals – Mike’s airbrush method makes his mural images appear to blend and fade right into the factory paint. Clear coating for better protection and shine completes the process. A controlled environment is necessary to provide the best finished product for your murals. Therefore the airbrush method is done only in Mountainman’s shop in West Virginia.

Don’t live in the area? No problem! We accept parts shipped to our shop.

  • Hand painted Murals – Mike’s hand painted mural technique comes straight from his heart right through his brush to your masterpiece in sharp, incomprehensible detail.

Mike’s hand painted mural technique can be completed in the shop as well as on location at the rallies or dealer open house.


Remarkably Detailed Fine Art

Mountainman’s art is not limited to mobile creations. Decorate your home and office with Mountainman prints based on all themes, including Christian, wildlife and outdoor themes.

Mike’s also shares his extraordinary talent of making time stand still with his camera lens available in his exclusive photo art prints.
He also does a very limited number of commissioned originals and enjoys an occasional pen and ink drawing.


Breathtaking Wall Murals

Surround yourself in your favorite motif and bring your home, church or office alive with breathtaking wall murals.

Mike has done wall murals both outdoors as well as indoors – as large as 60 feet long. Wall mural themes range from the life of Jesus Christ to a representation of the state of West Virginia and everything in between.

Mountainman has done wall murals of every shape and size at churches, nursing homes, town walls, and at residential and commercial locations.



Magnificent, One of a kind Customized Greeting Cards

Mountainman's designs and photographs are available as greeting cards in a unique greeting card system. Purchase Mike’s cards once and send your favorite greeting cards and postcards in the postal mail over and over again.

Choose from Mountainman’s cards or WOW you friends, family, loved ones and business clients with customized greeting and post cards that include photos of your bike, truck, business logo, products, children, grandchildren and pets with a simple click of your computer mouse!


Unique Personal Gifts and Keepsakes

Impress your friends and loved ones with a meaningful, ‘one of a kind’ gift. They will forever cherish your thoughtfulness

Mike will hand paint on your cross cut or old saw blade or antique milk can, etc. Or Mountainman can supply a hand saw, circular saw blade, or a limited number of roofing slate with your choice of hand painted mural or scene.


Join us for the:
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* latest in the care of your 'Mobile Masterpiece'
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