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Mountainman's Fine Art

Mountainman’s art is not limited to mobile creations. Decorate your home and office with Mountainman prints based on all themes, including Christian, wildlife and outdoor themes.

Mike also shares his extraordinary talent of making time stand still with his camera lens available in his exclusive photo art prints.

He also does a very limited number of commissioned originals and enjoys an occasional pen and ink drawing.

Mountainman Fine Art

Signed and Numbered, Limited Edition prints
(click image to view larger version)


Frame Size:  16” x 24”
Framed Print:  $299
Print Only:  $125

Looking for Dinner

“Looking for Dinner ” 
Frame Size:  16” x 20” 
Framed Print:  $299
Print Only:  $125 

Only Believe

“Only Believe”
Frame Size:  16” x 20”
Framed Print:  $299
Print Only:  $125

Mates for Life

“Mates for Life” 
Frame Size:  20” x 24” 
Framed Print:  $349
Print Only:  $150 

One Nation Under God

“One Nation Under God”
Frame Size:  24” x 30 “
Framed Print:  $399
Print Only:  $150   


Misty Morning Fight

“Misty Morning Fight”
Frame Size: 24” x 36”
Framed Print:  $449
Print only:  $150


Phantom Buck

“Phantom Buck”
Frame Size:  24” x 30”
Framed Print:  $399
Print Only:  $150


Shipping Included within the contiguous United States.  Shipping to locations outside the contiguous United States may be subject to additional shipping charges.


If you have any problems with the process, email us at


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